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Would you like to gain access to Communication and Leadership Training that has been utilized by top level executives for the last decade?



. . . founder of the Language of Leadership program and Emmy-Winning former CNN Correspondent.

For the last decade I have been training senior level executives at major multinational organizations like: Wells Fargo, Google, SalesForce, JP Morgan Chase, and McKesson, just to name a few. I have trained thousands of executives over the years on transforming their communication and leadership skills. I have watched countless clients finally break through that barrier and climb the corporate ladder in their organization.

During the lockdown I have been hard at work taking the training materials I have used with these large companies to create a course just for you called Language of Leadership.

It makes it easy for you to better connect, persuade and communicate with impact in every part of your life. So you can train your organization, your team and yourself to become the leader that you want to be.

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Are you looking for an executive communications training platform to help you become a more skilled, conscious, and engaging communicator?

Do you want to train your organization, your team and yourself to become the leader that you want to be, but don’t know where to start?

Then this program is the answer you’ve been looking for.



Each lesson builds on the previous one to teach you step by step.


Your customizable transformation begins the moment you or your organization sign up.


We share the business, campaign, management, and global network methods that really work.


From day one, you will become more aware and able to connect with and persuade others – and yourself.

Here's Exactly What You're Going To Get With The "Language of Leadership" Training Program

  • Professional Presence ($497 Value)

    This training program holds the keys for you to build your self-awareness to lead confidently with credibility and warmth which enables you to communicate correctly instantly (and that means you'll be able to become a more confident, warm and engaging leader).

  • Storytelling & Pitch ($247 Value)

    We help you learn how to confidently and accurately deliver your message which helps you lead your team with deep levels of communication (so you can get your message across to people you come into contact with, and with impact).

  • Your Online Presence ($97 Value)

    You can learn the secret to discover what people are learning about you online which lets you create the online presence that positions you in the best possible light (and that means you can be seen as a true leader online).

  • Inspiring & Motivating Others ($197 Value)

    Our program holds the keys for you to ignite the spark and create the vision to move people to action… become an inspirational leader (and that means you’ll be able to lead your team and they follow with passion to deliver)

  • Powerful Presentations ($297 Value)

    This asset makes it easy for you to present to your audience in a way where they not only pay attention, but absorb the information, which helps you make your presentations powerful and impactful (which means you will present not only with confidence but deliver your message in a way that will passionately move your audience)

  • Communication & Business Writing ($197 Value)

    Our powerful training gives you the secret to developing strong writing skills that move and inspire your reader so you can get your written message across and have your audience enjoy receiving your message and take positive action on it (and that means you can inspire and move your readers into the correct direction you want to take them)

  • 10 Exercises To Like The Sound of
    Your Voice More ($347 Value)

    We’ll let you in on the secret for you to feel confident with the sound of your own voice, which helps you deliver your message without being distracted by how you feel about how you sound (and that means you can deliver all your messages and communication without the worry of not liking how you sound).

  • 15 Easy Lessons in Body Language –
    You Can Try Today! ($147 Value)

    This training program makes it easy to understand the non verbal communication skills which lets you know what people are thinking and if they understand you or not (which means you will know exactly what people are thinking without them even saying a word, you’ll know whether your message has connected with them or if they have not understood, therefore giving you the opportunity to explain again.)

Total Value: $2,026Your Price Today: $197

When you sign up for Language of Leadership not only is this a 6-month training course, but you will also get the following tools as part of the course:

Presentation PDF Template:

Do you dread building a presentation? No matter what your line of work is, this easy-to-follow template will make your next presentation a Home Run! The flow follows the inverted pyramid system.

AIM Communication
Strategy Document:

This is the fundamental framework of the program and focuses on; Audience, Intent, and Messaging.


The art of storytelling is important and extremely powerful. This guide will help you craft; the Scene, Friction, Outcome, Takeaway for You, and Takeaway for your audience.

Body Language

This 15-part Checklist will help improve your body language and ensure your body language is sending the right message to your audience.

At this point you might be thinking
"This sounds great, but there's
gotta be a catch, right?"

There's no catch!

I'm doing this because I want to
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many people as I can.
Now, this program offer can't last
forever... So don't wait!

And, if for any reason you don't love it, I'll refund your money.

Here's Everything You Get Today

  • Professional Presence ($497 Value)
  • Storytelling & Pitch ($247 Value)
  • Your Online Presence ($97 Value)
  • Inspiring & Motivating Others ($197 Value)
  • Powerful Presentations ($297 Value)
  • Communication & Business Writing ($197 Value)
  • 10 Exercises To Like The Sound of Your Voice More ($347 Value)
  • 15 Easy Lessons in Body Language – You Can Try Today! ($147 Value)

Total Value: $2,026
But today, you're getting all of this...

FOR ONLY: $197

Let "Language of Leadership" help you train your organization, your team and yourself to become the leader that you want to be. too!


About The Platform

The Language of Leadership is a rigorous, immersive, interactive communications training platform designed to equip anyone – from college student to senior executive – with the leading strategies and techniques.

Over six months, you will receive short, daily video micro-lessons and interactive exercises around the themes below to develop your authentic communications. You will better connect, persuade and communicate with impact in every part of your life.

Because we don’t have a personal life and a business life. We just have a life.


Professional Presence

Build your self-awareness to lead confidently with credibility and warmth

Storytelling & The Pitch

Discover the five steps that make your points stick with any audience

Your Online Presence

Take control of what happens when you’re Googled and why it matters

Inspiring &
Motivating Others

Ignite the spark and create the vision to move people to action


Understand the proper strategy, structure and delivery to impact and connect

Communications &
Business Writing

Develop this often over-looked skill that is still essential for success

Why Choose LOL

Whether you are a CEO, business owner, division director, college student or mom ready to return to the workforce, developing purposeful communications is the key to your success.

Communications is a learned, trained and practiced skill like any other. Imagine introducing yourself, interviewing, managing a team, presenting before the board or pitching an idea, communicating with impact gives you the competitive edge.

No matter where you are today, boosting your communications skills will take you faster where you want to go tomorrow – faster.

  • Impact
  • Teamwork
  • Compassion
  • Resilience
  • Growth mindset
  • Collaboration
  • Body language
  • Vocal variety
  • Storytelling
  • Authenticity
  • Employee engagement
  • Valuing others
  • Message development
  • Executive presence
  • Active Listening
  • Gamification


Working with Gina London and her team has been invaluable to me in developing my authenticity and refining my executive presence. I’ve honed my communication skills as a leader and my team has remarked extremely positively.

Head of EMEA, Pharmaceuitical Multinational


This program is flexible, trackable, and immediately applicable. The Language of Leadership transforms your awareness and abilities incrementally over the six-month program. With this limited time offer, you can get the entire 6-month program for only $197. Find out why companies like SalesForce, Pepsi, Heineken, Wells Fargo, J.P. Morgan and many more rely on the Language of Leadership for their employees when it comes to improving corporate communication and culture within their leadership teams.





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“You are always communicating, either by default or design”
– Gina London